Nouveau Testament, 1656

jeudi 14 mai 2015
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Traduction de Miff Crommelin. Prières venant d’un Nouveau Testament « vendu à Charenton ».

French New Testament, 1656 (Charenton)

Prayer on approaching the Holy Table

My God, my Father, lift my heart to you. Give me your Holy Spirit. Give me the grace to approach this holy Table with a humble repentance and with an ardent desire in Jesus Christ our Lord. Give me to receive of this holy Sacrament with a firm faith in your Word that in receiving these tangible elements I recognize by faith the body and blood of Jesus Christ who died to provide a life eternal for me where I shall obtain peace and spiritual joy which is appropriate for your children. I do this with an ardent love for you, my God, and with a firm resolution to consecrate my life to your service until I see you face-to-face, praying that my soul will be gathered with Jesus Christ, my Saviour, who has redeemed it by his death.

Prayer and action of grace following the Communion

Lord God, my Father, you have comforted my spirit ; you have given me your blessings ; you have revived my heart by the witness of your love. How soft are your consolations ; how excellent are the effects of your bounty to those who fear you, which I do - a lowly sinner worthy to be accursed whom you deigned to receive to your Table, and to give me your Son who died for my sins thereby providing for eternal life.

Why am I better than so many other people to whom you have not extended this grace ? Lord, it isn’t because of any virtue within me, but because you wish to be glorified by your well-doing to the undeserving, and you wished me to be an example of your favour. For this I praise you, my God, and will glorify you throughout my life, and for that I will consider henceforth all other things but vanity compared to the gentleness and excellence of your grace. You are all that is precious to me, my joy and consolation. It is that for which I pray, O my God, and that for which I ask with all my heart, for you don’t merely give us substance to meet our needs but you also give us the grace to use it properly. How much of your goodness to me has been rendered useless or could not be used without the assistance of your Spirit !

Give me, therefore, your Spirit who is the Spirit of sanctification - the Spirit of adoption who seals within my heart your promises, and witnesses there continually that I am a child of yours. May the grace which you bestow live always written in my memory so that the recollection of your incomprehensible love which you have conveyed to us in Jesus Christ serves to enfold my heart in your love. May his death serve to mortify my mundane affections so that I may be conformed through his resurrection to a newness of life. And may his ascension into the sky serve to raise my heart to Heaven where he went to prepare a place for us so that henceforth my conversation might be that of a citizen of Heaven.

Enlarge my faith, I pray. Make it so that it operates by charity and by all manner of good works. Fill my heart with spiritual joy which enables me to endure the griefs of this present life, and give me the inner peace which the world knows nothing about. Provide for my infirmities and strengthen me in the battle which I have against my own fleshly desires, and the temptations of the world and the devil.

My God, my Saviour, and my Redeemer, I trust in your Word. I rest in your promises ; I delight in your love. When I pass through the valley of the shadow of death I will not fear because your rod and your staff are there to comfort me. I know that neither death nor all the power of the enemy will ever separate me from the love that God had for his well-beloved Son. All things will turn out well to those who love God. Their misfortunes are remedied. Even death, which is frightful by nature, is that which will cause me to come near to my God. Behind death’s hideous guise the Saviour Jesus comes to us and carries us from the present into eternal life.

My God, please save me, and having delivered me from all my wicked deeds, receive me into your Kingdom. There I will see the consummation of all the things which we have been presented at this holy Table. There will I embrace my Saviour Jesus. There I will draw on the source of life. There I will see my God and will be transformed into his image and delight in his presence. Thus so be it (Amen).


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